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  • Welcome to Sean Marshall Lin Photography and Wedding Photojournalism

    Sean Marshall Lin Photography is about eclecticism, about photojournalism and art. The focus is on capturing the beauty of happiness, the beauty of priceless moments, and the beauty of "timeless" images.

    From the simple atmosphere of putting make-up or shoes on to grinding tipsily and joyfully under the sparkling lights, there are always moments that we don't perceive, recognize or remember and perspectives that we cannot explore, define or understand. Whether it's the happy family faces in the pew or the playfulness of a young child who has yet to grasp the importance and joy of this event, moments will come and go and it will never again occur the same way. It's our goal and passion to make sure that these moments will unexpectedly appear in your gallery along with all the other beautiful images of the day and stay in your pages for a long lasting life time!